Rebellion Ride is a bicycle journey across America, from Seattle, Washington, to Jacksonville, Florida, to spread a message of political revolution and positive change. The departure date is April 18 to commemorate Paul Revere’s ride that helped announce the first American Revolution.

Through this website and blog, Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (RebellionRide), everyone is invited to share the adventure and join in the revolution. It will be a stunningly scenic journey that will include photos, video footage, and interviews with people all along the way.

America is a diverse nation that is energetic, creative, and committed to constantly striving for freedom, justice, security, and prosperity. We are in turmoil now and need a new pathway forward.

It is time for radical changes in the processes by which we practice self­-governance. Rebellion Ride’s manifesto puts forward those changes with a project that is energetic, creative, expressive of freedom, and both a challenge and a joy.

Rebellion Ride is a metaphor and a practical application of commitment. It is an act of revolution.