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Rebellion Ride’s 4th day started in Rock Island in the gravel driveway of the church. I got up, trimmed my toenails, suited up, and road the few blocks to the truck stop.

Milk, coffee, and a talk with a truck driver who is concerned about his daughter’s future in America.

The day started well. Beautiful Central Washington fruit growing country along the Wenatchee River. The hills look like much of the West: Montana, Wyoming, parts of Utah.

Then things got grim. The grade up out of the Wenatchee Gorge, where the Wenatchee River bends south to eventually join the Columbia, was long and brutal.

But you aren’t interested in my whining.

The pull up the grade exhausted me, so I stopped after 39 miles at a city park in Ephrata. It’s a fine place to camp. They have showers and laundry, but I’m too lazy and apathetic about such things to bother.

Let’s talk about something serious: Do not vote for a party candidate. That’s what this ride is about, changing things radically.

The Rebellion Ride Facebook page has photos and videos.

This is the time. We are in rebellion. Please read the Manifesto.

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