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If you are reading this, I appreciate its. Blogging is not a skill I have acquired yet. I’ll do better as the journey progresses.

I’ve pedaled 821 miles. I’m in Twin Bridges, Montana. It has a fantastic bicycle camping facility in the city park: bathroom, shower, and a cabin with a sofa, Scott chairs, a counter, and lots of outlets for charging things.

I’ve spent the past two hours drying my sleeping bag in the sun, further culling my clothing (I’m sending a lot home tomorrow to save weight), and trying to figure out why this portable keyboard would not talk to my phone. I finally held my tongue the right way.

The ride is accomplishing it’s purpose. I talk with people every day and distribute lots of cards with this website address and the Facebook address. I am spreading ideas and optimism.

One of the ideas I am emphasizing is that America is not a nation of punks. I’m not going to punk out on this ride, and we are not going to punk out on taking control of the nation.

I hope you’ll go to the Rebellion Ride Fascebook page and Like it. Visit it regularly to see and hear what other people think. The videos are also the easiest way for me to explain the ideas that are going to vastly improve the nation.

Please share all this with others via social media and conversations. This project is as serious as death. We are going to succeed in transforming our government into genuine citizen self-governance.

I may walk over the bridge now to the laundromat and wash my nasty clothes. I’ve had two showers so far in 18 days and bike, sleep, and hang out in the same clothes.

There is a huge pass between me and West Yellowstone. I can do huge passes. I have learned that. I dread them, but I do them.


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